The Blue Bourbon Orchestra BOOKS

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Spanning thirty years and a hundred thousand beers, Carson Mell’s epic novel tells the story of a hard-up oddball named Chuck deBeau and the rip-roaring country band, “The Blue Bourbon Orchestra.”

After a chance meeting at a dive bar, Chuck joins the band and quickly falls under the spell of it’s silver-tongued lead singer, Guy Fisher. Guy promises Chuck a life of adventure, but as the years tick by those adventures show increasingly darker shades. Eventually Chuck begins to question whether or not a life spent supporting his genius friend is a worthwhile one.

“The Blue Bourbon Orchestra is a big-hearted romp through the dire freakshow landscape that is the mind of the North American Male. Carson Mell is a natural and unfailingly honest storyteller, and his writing fills me with awe and envy.”
-PATRICK DEWITT, author of The Sister Brothers

331 Pages